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YOU, ME (& our dog)

We are not just a pet friendly venue, we are the pet lovers! Pets are not only welcome here, they are formally invited as an important guest.

Khun Kaew & Khun JR, the lovely couple, hosted their lovely wedding at our venue which was even loveliest when they brought their loved one to join as a witness.

Khun Chloe, the cutest cavalier king charles spaniel, was on her duty as a receptionist.

We were so sure that Khun Chloe must be so happy with their bosses. And we were so sure that all guests would surely start the event with smiles.

Khun Chloe on her veil

Khun Chloe as a navigator in the duet patio

The bride and groom settled the night with the very warm and natural design theme. The reception sign was so pure, the souvenirs were all natural-heart felt through their hand made, and the cappuccino color roses were so simply elegant.

The back drop design was simple with class. Khun Kaew & Khun JR probably best described their personalities of being friendly, classy and naturally through the design of the backdrop.

Khun Kaew & JR at their personalized design backdrop

The illuminated view of the overture from the patio

We just loved the way the bridesmaids worked it out for the night. Whoever said "the happy bridesmaid makes the happy bride" surely understand life. And we are supporting that sentence. They were just so gorgeously happy, and they simply made the night.

The stage backdrop was also elegantly designed to best characterize the bride and groom. Through the combination of mixed green leaves, transparent calligraphic art and omni-white curtain, the stage was charm.

The reception session was also done in a very simple format. No more, no less. Just cut the cake and enjoy the night.

The ceremony ended at the white venus frame, the connection between indoor & outdoor space, when Khun Kaew threw the bouquet to the next lucky girl. Who she was? we also wanted to guess.

Khun Kaew was throwing the bouquet

The wedding event ended so happily. It was another night at the garden hall that must be remembered when everything was right.

When everyone was so happy. We witnessed one person who seemed to be happy the most.

Of course, that was Khun Chloe!

Frankly speaking, we don't know how to sum up the night.

"Love me love my wife", "Love me love my life", "Or love me love my dog"

Because we just love them all!

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