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Couple and Colors

We believe in co-creation because the results of creators working together always unexpected, especially when you co-create with your clients.

Khun Bow & Khun Bell's wedding has fulfilled our co-creation philosophy. The stylish bride & groom with their background in fashion design has expressed their identity perfectly through their unique wedding design.

Wedding mood board design of the couple

Our designer had worked with the couple to co-create the installation design & design experience of the wedding that best express the couple's identity of being, fun, positive. creative and energetic.

Backdrop Graphic design created by @nae_anothai

Khun Bell was the the creative groom and great art director of his wedding. His design brief was perfect for VARAVELA's designer to create his best dream. Also, it's fun to work with him as well!

From graphic to reality

Our designer has turned all of the couple imagination into reality. Our designer blended the colorful logo design with the sparkling flowers. This backdrop at the overture has created the most fresh start feeling ever!

The fun & interactive installations at the Duet Patio created a cozy feeling that all guests can be themselves while they can celebrate the moments with the couple.

Lighting design at the main hall was set up to be ready for the mini concert by the Parkinson. We are so sure that the night will be ROCK!

All activities were full of love and fun from engaging guests. "Same minds think alike" is probably sum it all how to describe all the great guests.

It was indeed one of the greatest night of co-creation. We would probably end the night with two photos - cake design and bridal bouquet, that's probably say a lot about love and life.

"Don't try to be someone, Just be colorful and be yourself"

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