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Good Evening

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

What if you had one evening which totally belong to you, What would you do with it? Would you rather spend all of them for yourself? Would you save some times for your friends? Or would you spend all of them with your loved one?

That is, time is yours and you can design. This is why we believe in time rather than package.

K Pui & K Ben, beautiful couple hosted their wedding at the Garden hall, which they designed their own activities in the evening which totally belonged to them.

The couple designed their activities which totally suit for the contemporary lifestyle. It was the right mixtures of beautiful Thai ceremony event, Western reception and family & friends party.

It was the perfect evening with a perfect weather at the Duet Patio. The couple decided to start their evening early at 16.00. They still got enough time for the serene moments to gathering around and taking photos.

Thai contemporary costume for the afternoon scene

The wedding signage at the Overture for late afternoon set up

All afternoon session was allocated to the proper Thai style set up. Everything was organized properly and gently. No rush. Just live with the time.

The beautiful bride & bridesmaid at the duet patio

After the afternoon session, the bride and groom switched their mood to