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VARAVELA does not only bring the best venue, we also bring your best characters to the venue. And that characteristic essence is derived from our design team #VARAVELADECOR.

Our design philosophy is not to dictate our taste & style to the couple, we instead carefully interpret their personality and co-create their dreams together.

Design is sophisticated, and it begins with the belief. We are not so sure that is the meaning design for others; but, for use it means everything from the beginning until the last touch point.

Khun View & Khun Zon, the lovely couple, gave us an opportunity to holistically work with them to design their dream day. If great design aspires by great passion, we think we were lucky enough to have a great start.

Observing their passion, charm and confidence. The theme of red is their best choice. Nevertheless, not the typical red, we need something special. The design team carefully selected the combination of Cara & Scarlet Red as the leading color scheme.

The selective combination of reddish flowers and installations were blended together and communicated through all touch points.

The overture was decorated with the symmetrical dual curves. Free-form-tall-flower arrangement from floor to ceiling lift up the space to be even more elegant which is perfect for the reception.

The Duet Patio also got its best cosmetic. With the tint of red through all design element brighten up the facade of the main hall to be personalized and suited the couple.

The stage backdrop at the main hall was the design highlight. The designer selected the beige color with half cylinder form to serve as the perfect background. The red askew line crossed from left to right communicate its dynamic and confidence. The hand-writing typography on the top left got its best position for the title.

Not only the key touch points, all details were incorporated into every touch point starting from signage, bouquet and ribbon. As we believe, design is not about details, details itself is the design.

At the end of the day, you might still asking "so what is a good design?"

For us, it is simplest. A great design is probably not about 'taste and styles',

it's all about what 'makes you smile'.

Decoration: VARAVELA

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