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Merry X Marry

The festive wind brought us back to one beautiful wedding we hosted in 2017. Khun Gam & Khun Noom, Thai actress & Thai Ex-Professional Footballer, decided to host the wedding during the Christmas time.

The couple decided to mix 2 events together, birthday party & wedding, on the 24th of December 2017. Therefore, the theme of the wedding design was creatively direct - Merry X Marry.

The event started at the late afternoon while Khun Noom & Khun Gam gave a press conference about their special decision together at the Overture.

All decoration design and decorative items in the wedding were created around the Christmas theme.

All details at the wedding (or party) were carefully thought. Since the entrance, guests were engaged and interacted with the wedding through all design-friendly elements.

Not only the decoration itself, best experience can't happen with out great foods. Creative food design, which built around the western cocktail mixed with festive decoration, were intentionally prepared by the bride and the groom.