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Rock will keep us alive

Indeed, the ROCKEST wedding we have ever had in the garden hall when one of the best rock drummer in Thailand hosted his wedding at VARAVELA.

Khun Yoon, the drummer of Blackhead (Thai top rock band), together with his beautiful bride, Khun Noot, decided to host their special night in the dinner & after format.

How ROCK it was? Let's revisit the night together.

"You had me at hello" probably best described the idea of the souvenir. We think got the mood & tone of the wedding just right when they saw the souvenir.

Drum sticks as a creative souvenir

The wedding was set up in a very simplistic way. The event started in the evening with the warm ceremony. Photo shooting was organized naturally at the overture.

The overture wall as the main backdrop

And here comes the bride and groom. Wait a minute, those in their hands were not swords? Of course, they weren't! They were drum sticks! What a cool & creative opening scene.

Drum sticks opening scene

The bride and groom went into the main hall. They both cut the cake on the stage, and started to delivered them to their seniors. And we can feel that the fun part is about to start!

All the ceremony was complete straightforwardly. And we know that the rest would be rock!

Honestly speaking, we were not sure if this was the wedding or the best millennium's alternative reunited concert! Thai leading rock artists (e.g., Au - Paper Jam, Dit - Smile Buffalo & Poo - Blackhead) were performing their best hits for the best night.

Eventually, the garden hall was completely turned into the best live house!

Late midnight, and it's time to end the event. The drum stayed at the last.

They say "love will keep us alive"

We think "Rock" will, instead.

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