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Khun Nine & Khun Kelly, Thai celebrity couple, hosted their contemporary Thai engagement & luncheon wedding at VARAVELA Garden Hall on 10 October 2018. Full story of their magical day just revealed here.


The wedding was hosted on the 10.10.2018. The couple decided to host their wedding in the Thai contemporary format. All proper Thai ceremonies were organized with a touch of western classy style.

The designer co-created the theme of the wedding together with the bride & groom. Green, white and light blue were selected as the key color scheme. While the water pouring set was classically designed with Thai flower set, the main flower scheme of the wedding was carefully selected through the combination of Hydrangea, licentious and delphinium.

The light backdrop design at the Overture for Press & Photo

Full stage decoration design for event ceremony

Main function areas were decorated differently on different purposes. The overture was decorated with light and tint backdrop design to host the journalists on the interview session, while the main stage was decorated with full flower set & installation to host the wedding ceremony.