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Khun Nine & Khun Kelly, Thai celebrity couple, hosted their contemporary Thai engagement & luncheon wedding at VARAVELA Garden Hall on 10 October 2018. Full story of their magical day just revealed here.


The wedding was hosted on the 10.10.2018. The couple decided to host their wedding in the Thai contemporary format. All proper Thai ceremonies were organized with a touch of western classy style.

The designer co-created the theme of the wedding together with the bride & groom. Green, white and light blue were selected as the key color scheme. While the water pouring set was classically designed with Thai flower set, the main flower scheme of the wedding was carefully selected through the combination of Hydrangea, licentious and delphinium.

The light backdrop design at the Overture for Press & Photo

Full stage decoration design for event ceremony

Main function areas were decorated differently on different purposes. The overture was decorated with light and tint backdrop design to host the journalists on the interview session, while the main stage was decorated with full flower set & installation to host the wedding ceremony.


It was still early in the morning. The serene morning begun charmingly. The bride and groom took the couple together in the Duet Patio. They looked perfectly elegant in contemporary traditional Thai wedding dresses.

The best men (and women) at the signature entrance

Friends and families started to arrive to the venue. It was still very casual and cozy. The bride and groom spent their time with their loved ones capturing their moments through soft daylight in the patio.

"Tak-Bart" ceremony at the Trio Atelier

The morning ceremony begun with the merit ceremony in the Trio Atelier. Offering aim food to the monk during special day has its root in Thai culture for wishing best luck and fortune.

"Hae-Khan-Maak" ceremony at the Duet Patio

After giving the food to the monk and receiving blessing, the "Hae-Khan-Mak" ceremony begun. The Khan maak procession was arranged at the Garden Hall. Khun Kelly took a journey from the Arches Lawn to the Hall in order to accomplish the Khan maak journey.

Khun Nine was waiting for his groom with the beautiful smile

The procession was a lot of fun and was accompanied by musicians playing traditional long drums and songs. Khun Kelly had to pass through gates in order to get to his beautiful bride. This was the beautiful symbolic of Thai's wedding to remind the groom and the bride how (difficult) and happy they were before joining as a couple.

After the Khan Maak was done, Khun Kelly was walking to pick up his bride at the Overture.

The bride and the groom walked back together to the main hall. Friends and families were waiting with their smiles welcoming them to the main stage.

"Pitee Su-Kho" was organized properly. The concept is referred to the "Counting the Downry" activity. "Sinsod or downry" is also the symbol of appreciation and thankfulness from the groom's family to the bride's family.

"RIng Ceremony"

The ring ceremony was sequentially organized after. The bride and groom exchanging their rings to one another as a symbol of their eternal promises.

"Pitee Wai Phu Yai" or receiving blessing from respective ones

After the ring ceremony, the bride and the groom joined "Pitee Wai Phu Yai" As internationally recognized, Thai society pays high respect to seniority. Bride and groom received the blessed wishes from recognized respective seniors from both families.

Thai Holy Water Blessing Ceremony

The Holy water blessing ceremony was performed at the main hall. They both placed the ceremonial headdress on their heads (MongKol) , made from one piece of cotton forming a circle and signify the joining of the couple.

All guests including families and friends were jointly come to give the bless to the bride and groom.

The Thai ceremony was formally done. The bride and groom went back to the changing room to change their dresses. Respective guests were cozily waiting in the hall.

After changing their dresses, Khun Kelly & Khun Nine were welcome back to the stage to host the reception. The bride and groom chose the champagne pouring ceremony instead of wedding cake cutting. Their perfect outfit combining with the elegant champagne together made their class.

Khun Nine & Khun Kelly then went back to the mezzanine hosting their fortune activity for the next bride to be. We sure they would successfully pass on their happiness to one another.

The event ended in the early afternoon, but we sure their couple life just started.

Bride & Groom: Khun Nine & Khun Kelly @kallytanapat @chanuchtra

Venue: @varavela_official

Dress: @orio_sarawut

Make up & Hair: @oowedding

Decorator: VARAVELA

Food Type: VARAVELA Buffet

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