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Once Khun May & Khun Ton, Thai celebrity couples, decided to settle their wedding event, it is for sure that they would pick the best.

Khun May said she was the one who actually make the decision to pick the venue. The coziness, approachable, yet privacy were all the reasons she finally picked VARAVELA Garden Hall to host the special day. Of course, the beautiful of the venue was also the main reason, said Khun May.

The lovely wedding was hosted in the engagement & luncheon format. Families & Friends were all invited to become the witnesses of their love. Not too many neither not too few. It's just perfect.

"I just love the moment when she walked down the aisle", said Khun Ton.

"I loved when I looked outside from the stage. The door hall was elegantly high, the chair setting was just right and It's very warm"

"My best moment was the moment I was walking into the hall. That's ideologically mean that I am walking to find the one I love" - Khun May expressed her best moment at the Garden Hall.

"I was actually worried a bit about the functionality of the venue as it is not a hotel. However, it just turned out to be something very special than the expectations. It is complete, comfy and very fresh" - Khun Ton shared his feelings about the impression he had.

Please also click to view their full interview.

And watch the full cinematography here.

Or please click to see the complete portfolio design of Khun May & Khun Ton:

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