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That's what friends are for...

"There are friends. There are families. And there are friends who become families"

The quote above best sum up one of the most warming wedding at VARAVELA.

If best friends are someone who leave the foot print in our heart, we believe that our bride and groom - Khun Bow & Khun Joeie, got their best. It was one of the loveliest night that was perfect because of the beauty of friendship.

Early evening and the night is about to start

Our bride and groom selected "greenery and natural" as the main theme of their wedding. The nature speak less but empower the love of the night.

The night is still young. Our beautiful bride still have time to take a stunning photo with her stunning bridesmaids in front of the white venus frame. What a perfect composition we just had. It was such a pure class.

Our handsome groom was also spending his time with his best men.