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Indeed, it is extremely hot when it comes but isn't it also the best time for ice cream and dessert? And that's probably why we love summer.

Khun Kaimook & Khun Golf, the lovely couple decided to host their wedding during the sweet summer time.

The ceremony began in the morning when the couple made the merit by serving sets of blissful objects to the monks.

The wedding backdrop design was designed based on the light installation principle. The overture skylight was only filled with the simple white plane planar. Selected VARAVELA's decorative objects were placed selectively.

The designer helped co-creating the flower mood which best described the characteristics of the couple. Only natural roses were selected. Bright and sweet roses color combined with greenery and gold were mixed and matched.

That's probably best described how classy, delightful and charming the couple was.

The moment at the walkway of the Duet Patio is always irreplaceable. Once you have all your beloved one standing in front of you as a symmetrical lines. Your heart would definitely cannot stop beating hard.

Surprised! Guess who was waiting inside the hall. That was "Sao-YaKult" (And look how happy she was). This was a beautiful gimmick from the couple, and we just loved their sense of humor. Indeed, you can do everything! It's your wedding!

The cake design and table decoration were also decorated based on the sweet summer dream and theme. Anybody can feel the sea breeze and sweet meadow just like we do?

It was the warm day in summer that was warmest of love from others. And at the end, it was such a sweet summer.

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