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Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Just like desserts, we all have our favorites which we can choose one, or we can even create one.

Our lovely bride & groom, Khun Mo & Khun Noom, chose to co-create their own.

The couple hosted their wedding in the engagement & Luncheon format. The event started with the Thai traditional parade (Kabuan Khanmak) to formulate the journey to pick up the lovely bride.

The lovely bouquet was brought to the bride as a symbolic of promise of taking care of each other.

The decoration at the overture today was simply elegant. Space is always powerful and beautiful when it comes to love.

The holy water ceremony was also hosted at the overture. With the intention to host the exclusive event, limited number of guests were only invited allowing casual interaction among guests.

The transition of the bride and groom from the overture to the hall was elegantly captured.

The decoration design inside the hall today was amazingly touching. VARAVELA's decorator created the mixture of flower which was a combination of fictional flowers