We imagine something sweet but not too much. We feel something soft but still crunchy. We sense something dark but still shiny. And that's perhaps explain our design inspiration of our 2019 wedding collection - Nutella.

Instead of looking into future and ask what's next, we look into our customer's heart and feel them. It's not about their outer preferences, it's about their inner principles. Lucky enough, they are just like us. We love nature, but hardly deny sweetener.

Our design team experimented the mood and tone of the collection. Was it too gold? Was it too greenly? Was it too woody? We didn't think much. We let our souls work out with the objects in front of us.

And that's probably design is all about. You can think a lot, but it's when you can feel.

Not only us,the Garden Hall must feel the same way we do.

All the design inspiration has turned into the wedding design installations. We carefully selected the flowers; however, we twisted them a bit. Yes, nature with a bit of sweetener. That's about right.

We developed the installation design with the careful color scheme. Was it too dark? Was it too green? We don't think much, but we feel that's it right.

We know it's right when we feel something sweet and neutral.

Please come and feel the same way we feel in our 2019 OPEN HOUSE.





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